How to Write a Memorable Bride Speech

Having a wedding is one of the most memorable days in one’s life.  After many months of preparation, the day has almost arrived.  Now it is time to complete the small and final touches. The Bride Wedding Speech can not be put off another moment. It is time to finally put down in words, what you want to say to those that have made this day possible.

There are many different styles and techniques that a bride can use for her speech.  It is best to use a style that fits your personality and does not sound rehearsed.  It is important for this speech to come from the heart and to sound natural.

The first step in the Bride Wedding Speech, is to have an opening line. This can be a humorous icebreaker, or a traditional opening.  Again, it is important for it to fit the personality of the speaker.  The speech can begin with a greeting and an offering of thanks.  The list of people to thank can be a very long one, and while you do not want to make it sound like you have won an Oscar, point out the most important.  Some examples of who to thank are:

The guests for attending and their gifts
Parents for all of their help
Your Father for being a role model and giving you away
Your Mother and mother in-law for their support
Maid of honor, best man, and bridesmaids
The Minister
The Ushers

During the process of offering thanks, it is important to pay tribute to your parents specifically.  This is a great time to express your love and affection toward them.  This can become extremely emotional and it may be important to keep it limited to a few things to avoid breaking down.  Although they are tears of joy, it needs to be short and sweet. Express gratitude to your in-laws as well.  Thanking them for their support and kindness, and how lucky you are to be apart of their family.

The second step in the Bride Wedding Speech is to talk a little about your relationship and romance with your new husband.  Describe briefly how you met and how the effects you have on one another.  Some fun and amusing in site into your relationship is also a good way to ease the tension.  Pay tribute to your husband as well.  Tell how great he is and how lucky you are to have him.  Express your love to him, and how your future looks brighter with him in it.

Lastly, prepare any final words, and propose a toast.  At this time during the Bride Wedding Speech it is time to convey your thoughts on the wedding  on being married, and prepare any closing thoughts.  This can be sweet and to the point.  Feeling secure and confident on such an important day can be stressful.  Being prepared and being yourself is the key to a great speech.