The Ethics of Trying to Predetermine the Sex of Your Future Baby

Predetermine the Sex of Your Future Baby

The most important wish of the great majority of couples who intend to have a child is simply this: the future offspring to be healthy. Neither the beauty, nor the intelligence and even nor the gender are essential, because health condition of the human body is everything, especially in these times, when the medications and the medical services are so expensive.

However, there is a considerable number of future parents who would like to predetermine the sex of their baby. To put it more accurate, such couples prefer that the child they will conceive to be either a girl or a boy, as they wish. That is why these partners are interested in discovering ways of controlling the gender of their future descendant.

This desire might be surprising to those who are not in such a situation, as they might ask themselves: “Why would anyone want to influence the sex of his or her baby?”.

Well, that’s a good question, which has some clear and even simple answers. First of all, the men have always been interested in having at least one male offspring, mainly for transferring their name to the next generation.

Then, we can talk about the personal preferences of men and women, in which a girl might be preferred because of her high potential of kindness and sensibility, while a boy is usually desired for his expected power and wisdom.

That’s because the mothers always long for a helper in the kitchen and, in general, at house-keeping, while the fathers need help in the garden, at the field work and at all the activities that involve power and strength.

The men also long for company in the actions that typically interest the males, such as repairing something in the house or in the outside, like a cabinet, a bench, the fence, an electrical appliance or a water installation. Both women and men might be interested in conceiving a girl in the hope that, when she will grow up, she will take care of her parents.

It’s interesting to know that the major reasons presented in the previous paragraphs exist even from ancient times. But nowadays a new and really well founded reason appeared: the medical one. This medical reason is actually a critical one, as it refers to the healthiness of the new baby. More precisely, a gender is preferred simply because the other gender presents a rather high probability of having certain diseases or disorders. How do they know that? Well, thanks to the scientific discoveries.

The scientists, the researchers and the specialists in the field of genetics have discovered that there are some health problems which can be inherited, with various probabilities, by the future offspring, be it a girl or a boy, if one or both of his or her parents are affected by that illness or even if at least one of them carries a copy of the mutated gene that causes that disorder. The medical reason of gender selection is the most important one, since some of these genetic disorders that can affect the baby that will be conceived are severe, such as: hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer, neurofibromatosis, Duchenne muscular dystrophy and hemophilia A.

To sum up, the couples aim to conceive a girl when they want to make sure that their baby will be healthy, when they need some help in the kitchen, when they think that it’s time to add a sensible member to their family, as well as when they prefer to ensure that someone will take care of them when they will become old. Of course, these are not all the reasons of an attempt of getting pregnant with a female child, but I would say that they are the most common ones.